For My Friends And My Enemies

by Morganics

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Morganics' fifth solo album, his first in seven years since
"Hip Hop Is My Passport". An original member of groundbreaking Australian/US crew MetaBass'n'Breath, he is a producer and lyricist for those who like soulful, conscious Hip Hop with a boom bap edge.

Guests include Jamalski, Core Rhythm, Hyjak, DJ MK1,
Florelie Escano, Elf Tranzporter, Baba Israel, Duv,
Bek Jensen, Candy Royalle, and more.


released December 2, 2016

All tracks produced by Morganics
Bass by Yako 440
Mastered by Sage Audio
Pics by Emily Kearney



all rights reserved


Morganics Melbourne, Australia

Morganics is an award winning Hip Hop artist, spoken word performer and director as well as a passionate community worker based in Melbourne.

His Hip Hop feature film “Survival Tactics” and new album “For My Friends And My Enemies” are out now with his book “Hip Hop Is My Passport” coming soon.
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Track Name: Music Is My Revolution - Morganics Feat. Jamalski
Music Is My Revolution, join my army now
These riddims are expensive, so you gotta tell me how
How we gonna live if all the people think it's free?
Artists are important for our soul, so come with me!
Track Name: The United States Of Generica - Morganics Feat. Rayjah 45
Here we are, in the United States Of Generica
Check your google map, can you recognise your area?
Track Name: Black Magic - Morganics Feat. Elf Tranzporter
Verse 1 (Morganics)
Busy running round the city with my mental blinkers on
Limiting my vision so I can barely see beyond
Steps that I take when my pedals turn around
On a quest on my bike, 'cause I'm new to this town
I'm a loner, dwelling in the world in my cerebellum
Days that I rarely see the sun they are seldom
Suffering the wrath of the math of my actions
Add it all up, it's a car crash attraction
Gotta grab the jaws of life like a knife
Cut through the drama, don't think twice
Don't wanna be a self harmer, used to be a charmer
The most precious gift of all is life right?
Gotta do what's right, gotta get through the night
Gotta use all my strength, gotta maintain the fight
Depression is a cloud that follows me all around
Sucks out my life force, now I'm feeling down, again, again.
Track Name: Got So Much To Give - Morganics
We all got so much to give
We all got so much to live for
Track Name: Hipster Killer - Morganics Feat. Core Rhythm, Hyjak and DJ MK 1
Who am I!
Track Name: MCs - Morganics Feat. Dman
Verse 1
Now rappers get screwed up and thrown away
But real MCs, the float in my brain
Like a jimminy cricket, giving advice to my life
Their words reverberate and make me think twice
They act nice, like a real gentleman
With a Bboy demeanour, but they're here to lend a hand
Humble onstage and off, even when they tear the roof off
They've got time to chat and give new kids props
Never get lost in their own ego
Been in the game long enough to see the ebb and flow
Eyes keen for the spark, they do it for the art
Invocation of the elders, they play their part
Researching on papyrus, paper or the internet
They be digging deeper topically tso they can interject
In a world dumbed down by the mainstream media
They give a voice to the needier
Track Name: The Enemy's Within - Morganics
Music for my friends and my enemies, not mass appeal
No point in making music unless it has a feel
Real deep, deep along the border
The enemy's within and it's getting out of order
Track Name: Keep Collecting Clues - Morganics Feat. Duv, Elf Tranzporter and Baba Israel
Started out as a Bboy, now I'm a man
Beatboxing, rhyming, never had a plan
To be where I am, to do what I do
Push forward, keep collecting clues